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Organic Cosmetics!!

Organic Cosmetics- Future Of Body Care Organic cosmetics are relatively new to the beauty market, with some of the biggest companies being launched as recently as 2006. Despite their recent arrival to the marketplace, the organic cosmetic industry is already rocking the market. In fact, the industry is expected to be worth $43.4 billion by 2025. But, is all the buzz really worth it? Should you consider switching to organic products? In short, the answer is an astounding yes. Why Should I Pay More? Organic cosmetics don’t cost more because the label ‘organic’ is attached to them- it has to do with the ingredients being used. Organic cosmetics cost more due to the crops growing slower, the cost of fertilizer,...


S.O Hemp Cosmetics Face Oil Benefits!!

  The regenerative hemp seed oil with abundance of Vitamins and fatty acids perfect for nourishing the skin, protecting it from inflammation, oxidation, and other causes of aging. The Regenerative Face Oil uses the latest cosmetic technology bringing the best benefits for the skin, focusing on treating all the signs of aging. Is a dry oil perfect for all types of skin. Our oil treats diverse dermatological problems such as : Acné - Psoriasis - Eczema - Dermatitis - Dry skin - Melasma - Sunburn - Scars  Our oil is 100% organic , we work with nature not against it!! the ingredients in our oil are: - Curcuma:The anti-inflammatory qualities can target your pores and calm the skin. Its is also known...